Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer

Today started off with rain streaming down the patio door. I couldn't believe it. I had planned for this day for a week. I was so looking forward to my long-time friend coming over for lunch and a long, long talk. I wanted to sit by the pool and eat on the patio. Now, the rain!

I went ahead with all my plans of making lunch, cleaning the house and taking my shower. I knew we would still have loads to talk about and could do that in the living room or dining room with no problem. Still the patio was so comfortable and cozy. Luckily, the rain did let up about an hour before she was to be here.

I took my new Oprah magazine and went to the lounge chair by the pool with a can of pop and began to browse. I had told Murphy to let me know if anyone came. He knew his "Aunt Marsha" was coming. I was just settling into my chair when sure enough Murphy started his "Murphy-bell". I wasn't sure if he was tricking me or someone really was there. I couldn't take the chance even though it was early for my friend.

Well, Murphy was good for his word and she was standing at the door when I got there. I put the juicy strawberries she brought into the frig and we made our way to the patio. Yes, we got to spend our whole time out there. The Big D even came home for lunch so he could take our picture. We have our picture taken together every time we meet. I was afraid this time there would be no waitress to do it, but he came to our rescue.

This is my favorite way to spend a summer afternoon!

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Annie said...

What a great picture of you and Marsha...parties with friends are the best!! Lou Ann