Saturday, June 21, 2008


We don't get to see our nieces and nephews near enough. When we visit each time, it is so interesting to see how much they have grown and what they are doing now. Here are a few pictures of the littlest ones in the family. I know the next time we see them they will have grown so much. What adorable kids! Cole is our youngest nephew. He is just a delight with his bright blue eyes and snowy white hair. He loves to smile and be active. Here he is trying to see what he can fish out of the stream by our picnic site.
Ben and Kate are first cousins and our great niece and nephew. They are busy trying to see if they can get into the stream without getting in trouble. I am afraid that getting into trouble is something they are quite good at, but they are adorable kids.
Nathan had fun playing with his nephew Jackson. I am not sure what they were trying to do here, but they were having so much fun just being with each other and seeing what they could find to do.

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Annalyse said...

Those pictures are so cute. The kids really did enjoy that picnic. Your blog looks great. You are a pro now!!!