Tuesday, June 24, 2008


On Monday morning I hopped in the car with Natalie and Al and we headed for our summer conference in Shipshewana. All the way there we talked about the great speakers we would hear, the friends we would see and wondered about the new facilities. We weren't disappointed on any of it.

I was so excited to hear Penny Kittle from New Hampshire. I had read many of her books and have her quote hanging above my desk at work. I knew she would be inspiring, but was still shocked to see what an outstanding speaker she was. She is full of enthusiasm and makes you feel like you've known her forever.

On Monday night at the Author Dinner, I looked across the tables at the Blue Gate and there was my friend from Denver, Marjorie. She and her sister had driven all the way from Colorado to come to the conference. I knew she was there, but with around 450 people it was hard to find her. We got to catch up and then promised to connect again in the morning!
Today I got to introduce Georgia Heard. She is my favorite poet to learn from. I use her books to teach poetry to second to fifth graders. Today she spoke about her book on revision. I had forgotten some of the things she talked about even though I read her books several years ago. That is what is so wonderful about this conference: you just keep learning and learning.
Now it is time to reflect on the two days and begin thinking about next year. Mindy told us the dates, the planned speakers and the hope of having even more people. I am so thankful for the All Write people and especially Mindy and her dedication to the teaching of writing and her wonderful, bubbly spirit!


Jen Barney said...

LOVED,LOVED,LOVED the past two days. I am ready to roll for next year!!! HERE WE GO....

ourfamily said...

This being my first experience with the Shipshewana conference, I was completely impressed. It was a wonderful two days! There is so much to take and use when school begins in August. I can't wait! Great to see you there. ALECIA :-)

Annie said...

Check out today's blog!
Lou Ann

Ruth Ayres said...

Kathy --
I'm glad to read your thoughts. You're right . . . it is a great way to recharge. I love the pics too.