Thursday, June 26, 2008


On Tuesday morning at Shipshewana, I got a call from "The Big D". He was having a crisis at home. Nickey, the cat, was very sick. Darrell was afraid he was not going to make it and would be gone by the time I got home. He was wonderful in his treatment of our oldest kitty. He called the vet and ran over and got meds for him. By the time I got home, Nick was doing much better, but still not really himself. After a couple days of pure "babying", he is now back to his old self.

Here he is this morning wondering what I am doing on the floor pointing a camera at him. He is so curious. In fact, we are afraid that might have been what happened and what caused his problems. We had gotten ant traps and if Nickey did what he usually does, he checked them out. Anyway, time and the meds helped this big boy.

"Okay, folks, what else is there out there to get into? I guess my owners really do love me!" The trials of being a pet owner!!!


ourfamily said...

A24It is great to hear that Nicky is doing better. I was a bit worried when you told me about him at the conference. Glad he is getting back to himself!
Tom and Megan are building just down the road from their white house. I haven't seen anything like it. AMAZING!

Jen Barney said...

I am with you!
Our girl Faith will go under the knife soon- at 500.00 hope she comes out better than she went in!

Ruth Ayres said...

Kathy --
I love the new look . . . wow! I'm glad Nickey is okay . . . it's tough when pets are sick.

Ingrid said...

Go, Nickey, Go, Nickey, Go, Nickey, Go!!! glad, the meds pulled him out of his funk. It would have been awful if things would not have gone well. Take care!!!