Thursday, June 19, 2008


Turning 80 is a milestone and that is one reason we went to Utah early this year. Darrell's mom turned 80 and we decided to surprise her. We walked in her room on Saturday and softly called, "Mom?" She woke up and couldn't belive what she saw!

On Sunday we had a big celebration picnic at the park. She had fun watching the kids play in the stream, the big family ball game and eating all the fabulous food. I think she loved the cards she got as much as the gifts!

While we were there Darrell heled her decorate her room and we got her situated with a laptop computer. Now she is ready to check out all the family's blogs. We had a wonderful time going on drives, playing dominoes and eating our favorite foods, especially Glades! We were so glad we could spend a few days celebrating this wonderful birthday!
Happy 80th, Marian!!!!


The Big D said...

I liked your blog. I especially liked the pictures and the background and the music. You are very good for an amateur blogger.

ourfamily said...

I really enjoyed the changes made as well. It has been fun to see your pictures and comments of what you have been up to. I check your blog each day before posting on my own!

Jen Barney said...

The Big D is posting?!?!?! HE ROCKS!
See you soon Kathy!