Monday, September 10, 2012

Using a Mentor Writer, Thanks, Debbie!

One of my mentor writers is Debbie Miller, author of Reading With Meaning, The Joy of Conferring, and Teaching With Intention. Being a founding member of the All Write!!! Consortium, I had the privilege of playing host to Debbie in my school district and therefore getting to know her personally.

As I have been developing my new activities as a retired teacher, I remembered the introduction to her book, Teaching With Intention. In her welcome she talked about leaving her classroom and moving all her 'stuff' home to her basement area. She developed a place for planning and reflection. The book even offered a couple pictures of her new place.
My reading chair

Book Baskets

For some reason, over the years those words and the pictures stayed in my mind. So, this past summer I did the same thing. I placed my books into shelves and baskets and made a planning and reflection place. I made a reading and writing space.

My grandparent's library desk
So, once again, Debbie has become my mentor as I start visiting schools and classrooms, writing blogs, and working with my grandchildren.
With a dozen grandchildren, I'm sure we will play a little 'school'.

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