Thursday, September 13, 2012

Reflection--A Good Thing

As I take Dave on his morning two-mile walk, I gaze around the neighborhood. Children coming out of homes, heading to their bus stop carrying backpacks and water bottles. Wearing earphones and eating last bites of breakfast. All of them ready to climb on that yellow bus rounding the corner, ready to face another day of learning.

With all the children on the bus, I unhook Dave's leash and set him free. Free to run ahead and sniff the dew-wet grass. Run ahead just far enough to still be able to hear my commands--sit, come, stay--if I need to use them.  We wander on down the street to home. He smells and sniffs trying to locate a rabbit track or hidden treat.

The sky is bright blue with only low, white clouds in the horizon.  The sun is already up shining bright, but the air is crisp and cool. My hoody over a t-shirt feels perfect for a fall day.

Such is the morning of a retired teacher.  I never had a chance to do this when I was in the classroom. It's too bad that a morning walk and then a written reflection isn't a requirement for teachers. A peaceful, quiet morning might be just what teachers need to start their busy, stress-filled day. 

Reflection is a powerful tool no matter when it is used.  May you have time to reflect on your teaching today!


Amy said...

You know, we do get too fast and slowing down is tough. In writing project we had a phrase: reflection is the revision of our teaching... I like to think of it that way:)

Kathy said...

Great phrase. Thanks for sharing it, Amy!