Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Making Learning Personal

One of my retirement projects is to work with my 4-year-old granddaughter, Meron. Her mom is doing preschool with her, so I volunteered to do two days a month to prepare her for kindergarten.  She comes to my house and we do "school".

Here's a peek into our morning:
Here she is doing reading. We learned what a title is and what an author is. Then we predicted what we thought would happen in the book. We took a picture walk and then read the book together. At the end of the day, she got to pick a book to take home from a book bag. We also worked on reading the Alphabet Book.
Meron did some button sorting for her math time. She looked at all the buttons and then decided to sort them into buttons that were just alike. She dumped all the buttons onto the floor in order to see them better. We also did counting and wrote numbers during math time.
We did some writing, starting with practicing her name on a sentence strip. Then she wrote a wonderful story. It was about her brother, Lane, who threw a tomato at a squirrel this morning. Max, her dog barked and barked at the squirrel. She also could tell me that SHE is the author of this book.  At the end she put: THE END...well, that is what she told me it said! Even preschoolers can do writer's workshop!
Here Meron is with her Science Notebook.  She looked at two feathers and described them. Then she looked at them through a magnifying glass and found more things to describe them. We taped them into her notebook along with the descriptions.

After we finished each section of our day, she would cross it off our schedule board. She gathered her new book from the book bag, the book she wrote and an alphabet chart and number chart to take home. Oh, yes, and the left over snack!

Gramma Preschool is fun for Meron AND Gramma!!!

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