Friday, September 21, 2012

Fun Memoirs!

Next week is the last week in September. For many of you fifth grade teachers, that means you are wrapping up the unit of study in memoir. Students are finalizing their editing. They are deciding how to publish. Maybe there is even a celebration planned. Where ever you and your students are in this unit, I hope you are doing some reflecting.

As I was glancing over my writing journal this week, I was reminded of something I had started earlier in the year. At the end of each day's writing, I would summarize the day into a six-word-memoir. It is quite challenging, but fun. I began to think---if I was in the classroom, I would have the students do at least one of these to put with their Memoir Unit of Study.

Here are a few samples from the book: Not Quite What I Was Planning edited by Smith Magazine.
  • Cheese is the essence of life.---Mary Lynch
  • Was rebellious teen. Now raising one.--Michelle Ganon
  • I wouldn't change it a bit.---Ann Pacton
Here are a couple of mine:
  • Cold, windy day, sinus-y and tired.
  • Math isn't easy, but it's important.
Now you can try it! If you want to know more go to  Do some with your class and send them off to have some fun!
Happy Writing!
Happy Reading!
Happy Weekend!

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