Monday, September 3, 2012

Investigative Education at ANY Age!

Many school districts have been in session for several weeks.  However, there are still a few that are just now starting out.  One of those is a preschool in my hometown. This preschool is special to me because a fellow retiree friend is starting her second career as a teacher of 4/5 year olds.  I have had the chance to visit the room twice as she was getting it ready for those kiddos tomorrow morning! Here are a few pictures I took in the room:

This is my favorite place...the writing area. It is full of all kinds of writing materials including pencils, paper, and crayons. There is also a basket full of various types of blank books just waiting for stories. I know that Connie, the teacher, will introduce each of these things before she turns the students loose to create their own writing pieces. Later, they will get to work on their own prompts for these children!
Here is the reading area. This is only one little corner of the room. Another side has a big rocking chair just waiting for someone to do a read aloud. There are also bags with a book and extra materials in it for the children to take home and share with their families. Don't you just want to curl up with a good book here in this space?
This space is shelves of jars filled with all kinds of things. After the teacher introduces the jar (one at a time), the children will have a chance to choose one of them to explore, investigate, and problem solve.  Under all those shelves you see many picture frames with NOTHING in them.  That is because the students will be making those pictures as they create master pieces...whatever they want and decide should go into those frames.

What can we take from this classroom?  When you walk into this room, you know immediately that the room belongs to the children...not the teacher. It is kid-friendly and just crying out for those kiddos to discover and learn whatever their hearts desire! Is your classroom like that?

Happy First Day of School. Preschool Friends! Can't wait to come back and visit when you all are there!


Lynn said...

It is a wonderful cozy place for sure and definitely ready for those little ones waiting to explore and begin their journey of learning. Great pics thanks!

elsie said...

I can just see the excitement light up the kids' eyes as they see all the new things to explore in this world where they will learn so much. Keep us posted on this.

OneSunflower said...

Thank you for writing about preschool. I love to see what my colleagues around the nation are doing. Her classroom looks very inviting.
And I love that you are doing "school" with your granddaughter - what a cutie.