Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eye Examination vs Eye Assessment

Since my insurance will be done the end of June, I made an appointment with the eye doctor for today...only three more days in June! I hadn't seen him for two years, so I wasn't sure what I would find out.

I first had to fill out sheets of information. Homework, the nurse called it. Then I was led into a series of rooms so she could conduct various tests on my eyes. Tests to see if I could read with my contacts in. Tests to see if I could see with my contacts out. Tests to see if I could see little wavy lines at random spots on the screen in front of my eyes. Not just one test, but multiple tests.

Finally, the doctor came in and gave me one final test and pronounced the overall assessment was that I did not  have to have any changes in my glasses or contacts. So, I just bought a new pair of glasses for the vanity of it!

This reminds me of the tests we give children for reading. We don't just give one test and then say...okay they can read. We give multiple assessments which include running records, individual conferences, and yes, DIBELS. There is not just one-test-tells-all. Just like my doctor today needed to see a variety of assessments, so do we as teachers need to see many ways a child might be struggling. Hopefully, at the end of the assessments we can pronounce the overall view is that the child can read and therefore enjoy books!

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