Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cleaning Out Files, Binders and Life

Today I hit the binders. That was my first step in getting rid of things that I will not need any more. Things that have no place in my life at this point. Things that belong in another era.

I pulled out old binders with titles like: Poetry, Poetry by Kids, Lesson Plans for First Grade. There were stories by kids who I had in second grade but have long since graduated from high school. There were a few pieces I just had to keep...too many memories rolled into the construction of that writing. Most of them, however, are stacked in the corner of my basement, ready to hit the recycle bin.

I need to purge these things and clean out my space. I have new plans for that area. I have new plans for the file cabinets. I have new plans for those book shelves. Most of my information I have gathered over the years are stored on a "smart drive" attached to my computer. It is there just waiting for me to need it again. I can always call it up from some drive.

But for now...I'm looking forward to what comes next. A clean space to create, think and explore!

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