Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Write Like This

I have been reading the best book on writing.  It is written by Kelly Gallagher and I purchased it last year.  I have heard Kelly speak at one of the Summer Institutes put on by All Write!!!  I knew he was an awesome speaker and a great writer, but this book is one I'd put on my HAVE TO HAVE list!

The title is: Write Like This, Teaching Real-World Writing Through Modeling & Mentor Texts.  Right now I am only on chapter 3 because I am reading it deeply (close reading).  The thing I love the most is all the practical ideas.  It is like having a writing mentor right beside me.  The exercises are something a teacher could introduce to his/her class or a writing coach could use in a presentation.

One of my favorites from Chapter 2 was: Moving Students into Expressive and Reflective Writing.  To begin this project he begins with the six-word memoir (see http://www.smithmag.net)  Students are asked to write their memoirs in exactly six words. 

Here are a couple from the online magazine:
  • All things considered, I am doing well.
  • The past is forgiven, not forgotten.
  • So the water's deep. Man up.
Here's one by Kelly:
  • Teach, grade, travel, speak, write: tired
Here's my try at it:
  • Feed Dave. Walk Dave. Great dog!
  • Counting the days until I retire!
How about it, want to try?  Go for it.  Thanks, Kelly!!!

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Pass4sure said...

katy some of your recommended magazine i already read and try to new ones such as Test Guide.