Saturday, February 18, 2012

How My Car Reveals Who I Am

This exercise in writing came from the book:Write This Way by Kelly Gallagher.

I knew when I got a job where I'd be required to spend much time in my car, that I would have to have a special car.  It would be a car that showed my personality.  It would be a car that would make me happy just to look at it.  I wanted something that just shouted: "ME!".  It had to be a car that stood out in a parking lot.  One that I could spot from the top of the Anthis entrance steps.  It needed to be a car everyone would know was mine.  A car that when sitting in the parking lot of a school, everyone driving by would say, "Oh, Kathy must be at that school today."  It would be a car that when someone found out it was mine, they would say: "It just looks like you." 

Well, I have that car and have had the same type and color for seven years.  My little, bright yellow VW beetle certainly reveals who I am!


BrainDumps said...

Kelly Gallagher and john smith are my most favorite writers and its nice books like Test Guide.

Ingrid said...

I am sad to think ahead to when I won't see it I, too, knew you "were there" when your bug was shining in the sun or rain. I hope you are savoring your next few months. :)