Tuesday, February 28, 2012


    In the book, Storycatcher, it talks about "following the beeline" and how honey is associated with learning.  Here's how she says it:
     "Among the Hasidic Jews, when a child first approaches the Torah to study the history and wisdom of  'the law', the rabbi puts a drop of honey on a tiny plate and sets it on the page.  The child licks the honey from the holy word so she or he will always associate sweeetness with learning."
      Who put honey in your heart?
My story for this answer is--my grandma.  She was my first Sunday School teacher--my first teacher.  My mother and I lived with my grandparents across the street from our church.  We would walk to church every Sunday.  When I was old enough to go to a classroom, it was where Grandma was the teacher.  We all sat at a table, or played in a sandbox or sat in chairs and sang songs about Jesus or prayed.  I learned the "rules" of learning, sharing and playing.  I heard stories of floods with arks and rainbows, about shepherds and sheep, and about a God that loved me.
      Grandma put the honey in my heart and taught me that love, learning and God were the sweetmess of life.

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