Monday, February 27, 2012

Savouring the Moments

   Today in a comment on my blog, I was asked if I'm savouring these last few months before retirement...
   After not only 43 years of every morning getting ready to head off to school, but even the 16 years before that, I have done the same things.   I eat breakfast, make my bed and get dressed.  I then head off to school---by bus, by car, by walking---but off I go.  Now,I stop and think, am I savouring these last days?  I guess not...counting the days--yes...dreaming of what comes after--yes...but savouring--no.
    So, what would savouring look like---perhaps reflecting on my memories or relishing in my experiences.  Just thinking over my days as they have rushed by, gives me a sensation of savouring.
     Maybe it is a little like something my grandmother used to say, "Don't wish your life away,"
As a teenager, I didn't fully understand that.  Now as an almost retiree, I do.  I need to savour these moments because soon they will be just memories.  No more lesson plans, education blather, instructional dialogue. 
    Yes, I will savour these moments as I head for the next chapter of my life.  Thanks, Ingrid.  I again learn from you!

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