Sunday, September 14, 2008


This was the last week of ISTEP prep. I went from school to school working with third, fourth and fifth graders helping them prepare for the response to literature and writing application part of the test. We looked at what would make a good piece in the extended writing part. The students were smart. They listed things that we had studied the year before. I was so proud of what they remembered. I know they will do a great job next week.

Since two of the schools I had worked with before were without facilitators right now, I was able to work with them, too. This was an added blessing. One school I had not been to all last year. I hated giving it up at the beginning of last year, but that was the way they got divided. Last week I saw kiddos that had been in first grade and now were third graders. There were fifth graders who were formerly third graders when I had last seen them. They were so grown up. Yes, they remembered all about writing. Seeing these students grow made me realize how fast that happens. I had only been gone one year!

That is why our job as teachers is so important. We only have them for one year then they move on, on to other grades and other adventures. I remembered how Samantha used to love to write. We would have to get her to stop when I left and the class was over. I loved how they reminded me of stories they had previously written when in a lower class.

This week as ISTEP testing starts, we as teachers need to remember that our kids ARE smart. They WILL do their best. We have done our jobs and now they will do theirs. Sometimes when I leave a school a principal will ask me, "So, do you think we are ready?" I can always answer proudly, "Yes, they are ready. They will do well!" Now we just need to sit back and watch them do their thing!


Mark Hewett said...

Miss seeing you at Croninger. Friday we were doing some ISTEP prep, and I happened to mention a lesson you did one year about how to respond to a "bad" prompt. When I mentioned your name the kids were all excited. They remembered you! They're in 4th grade so I'm thinking they were 1st graders the last time they saw you. A testament to what a great teacher you are!

Kathy said...

WOW! Thanks for the neat comment, Mark. Didn't know you were a blog follower. Every time I used to do the kangaroo story, I thought of you and your kiddos! Good luck next week!!!