Monday, September 15, 2008


Today I got to do one of my favorite things. I was in some kindergarten classes doing interactive read alouds. The classes had been reading Jazz Baby and were facinated with jazz. So, I took a couple books that would help them know more about this wonderful form of music.

I was facinated with all the things the children already knew about jazz. When I went in one class a boy saw my books and said, "Do you have Charlie Parker in there? I love Charlie Parker." Another little girl saw the front of the book and said, "Hey, is that Ella Fitzgerald?" We listened to a jazz CD that was in the book while looking at the pictures and then listened to the words along with seeing the pictures again. Yes, both Charlie Parker and Ella Fitzgerald were in the book. The book was: Jazz on a Saturday Night by Leo and Diane Dillon.

Next, we listened to another book by the same authors. It was one of their favorites and they read it along with me. It was Rap A Tap Tap Here's Bojangles-Think of That. They loved the repeated line of Rap a tap tap Think of That.

We had a great time learning more about jazz and reading at the same time. We also learned that Leo and Diane Dillon must love music and that is why they wrote about it. So, now we know we want to write about what we love, too!

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Sarah Amick said...

Don't you think that working with the youngest of children keeps you young? I know everytime I read something my children reveal something new to me.
So anxious to see you tomorrow. Hope we can show you something fantastic!