Sunday, September 7, 2008


Today two things caught my eye that inspired me to blog about. First, the message at church was: Life on Loan: Writing God's Story. This is going to be a series at Cedar Creek for a few weeks. I was fascinated with the part:
What is your life?
  • Loves
  • Intersections
  • Fortune
  • Eternity

The message was how much our life is one on loan from God. The people we meet and interact may have an impact on the rest of their lives as well as ours.

Next, I was reading Stacey's blog. She talked today about how something she did empacted her students years later. This made me think of all the pictures I had taken of my students, year after year. I put them into albums and kept them...I still have some. This was such a small thing to do, but now I have those memories. Some of my former students still keep in touch with me. In fact, I check on Nikki's blog all the time. Yes, I have pictures of you, too, Nikki!

After teaching as many years as I have, the albums began to stack up. Then I came up with another idea. I started giving the pictures back to those students when they graduate. If I didn't know where they were, I would give them to one of the students and let them pass them out.

So, for you teachers out there just starting out, that is a good thing to start now. You will gain friendships that will help your intersections through the years. You will gain friendships with former first and second graders that will become life-long friends. The things you do today DO impact the world for a lifetime!


The Oberlin Kids said...

Okay, so I am going to be a little corny (sp?). But your blog made me think, the ways you have impacted ability to adjust to any situation and sound relatively inteligent (many interviews and pageant contacts), my true love for pageantry and the positive impact it can have on an individual. In a way, I cannot quite explain it, watching and hearing about you and Darrell makes me want to be a better wife and mommy. And last but not least my love of running, I don't know if you remember but you coached me in X-country in JR. High. But you kept me going all these years and every time I run a 5K I think of you. Anyway, just things I was remembering, you still are my favorite teacher I have ever had, Mr. Dutton is a close 2nd. Thanks. Nikki

Kathy said...

Thanks, Nikki! It is because of kids like you that I teach! What a blessing you all are!!!!