Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Every fall the DeKalb County Fair hits town. This is the combination of a street fair and the county 4-H fair. The streets are shut to traffic for the whole week. The fair grounds come alive with horses, cows, pigs and sheep. It is a magical place! Kids get off school to take care of their animals. Kids can't wait to hit the streets for the food and rides. All day at the county schools you hear, "Are you going to the fair?"
Our tradition is to take the grandkids to the fair. We spend one night seeing the animals, eating fair food and watching them ride on the rides. Every year Grandpa gets to ride the merry-go-round with the youngest grandchild. This year it was Shelby's turn again. Since Grandma Kathy wasn't feeling her best, Grandpa got to do more than his share in going on rides.

Ty is an animal lover, so the barns were his favorite place. They all loved seeing the different animals up close.
Shelby talked Grandpa into going into the Fun House with her. Grandpa even almost did a head stand coming out. I missed that shot, but Michelle got it recorded for us!

Lane and Shelby loved the scarier rides, too. This one was enough to make me sick just watching it. The kids are getting braver and braver every year.

Here is the historic, famous merry-go-round ride. Grandpa couldn't understand why they made him pay too. We told him, if he was going to ride, he was going to pay! I think he will be disappointed when he can't ride this because none of the kids will go on it. I suppose then it will be my turn to take him.
We sure have fun at the County Fair!!!


ourfamily said...

This is our favorite time of the year...We spent Monday evening seeing the sights, but not going uptown to the rides. It is amazing to me how your grandkids are growing...your youngest doesn't look so little any more! Hopefully we will see you sometime this week! Enjoy the fair!!!

Sarah Amick said...

Are you feeling any better? Hope you can now ride to the Subway on your bicycle. How awful!