Saturday, August 2, 2008


This morning I woke up and just thought: "I'd like to wrap my arms around today." My days are coming to a close as I know them this summer. I love summer. It is my time to do what I want to agendas, no lesson plans, no meetings, well, not many anyway. My time is mine!

The days have been perfect with sunshine and even the humidity. Occasionally, a rain shower. Just enough to dampen the ground and cool things off a bit. I know the farmers don't feel the same. They want it to rain and rain and rain. I know we need it. But I still love this weather.
I have been tending the neighbor's garden as they are on vacation for a couple weeks. That is fine with me. I water her flowers and then pick all the veggies that we love. We have fresh beans and cumcumber salad every night. The tomatoes are just getting ripe and we have a few of the small ones in our salads. They can go on vacation every year as far as I am concerned.
This morning after our 5 mile walk, we poured our cereal into bowls with milk sloshing in them, grabbed our Activia and headed for the deck. We sat there in the sunshine among our flowers and listened to the birds while we ate.
Yes, I just want to wrap my arms around each day I have left of this beautiful season. The verse in Psalms comes to mind on these mornings: "This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!" I am taking every minute and putting it in a special place to remember when winter winds come upon us!


ourfamily said...

I love your blog today. I find myself agreeing with you as I read through your comments. Summer is a wonderful time and it is quickly coming to an end with school starting so soon. Enjoy your last week and hopefully we can get together before summer ends. What a wonderful day you had! It is great to see you enjoying each day to its fullest.

ourfamily said...

I also love your new background...and the picture of you and Murphy in the corner. Where was that picture taken?