Sunday, August 3, 2008


We have been trying all summer to get the bikes out and ride. First, it was too cold. Then, it was too windy. But yesterday was just right! It wasn't too hot or windy and The Big D even pumped up the tires. We were ready to go. Our destination: lunch at SubWay. We pedaled out of our addition and onto State Road 8 going west. We went past the Heimach Center and the hospital, turned right and then into the strip mall and there it was. They even had a bike rack. What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!
When we got home we unloaded a new case of water. As we were putting it away, we turned and saw Oliver making himself at home. He decided he liked water boxes and wanted it for his bed. He took an afternoon nap in it and then we threw it out.

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Ingrid said...

O.k, I know this doesn't relate to this entry...but you said you TAGGED me and said you'd have directions on your site....I'm dubious. What's this tagging and where are the directions. I've been tagged twice and haven't a ;)