Sunday, August 24, 2008


This week was our first with kids in the classrooms. Most of my time so far has been spent in the office getting ready for ISTEP prep lessons. I did get to be in some schools last week though.

I first went to Haley and led a before school in-service. It was fast but great to see all my friends there and even meet some new teachers. I unpacked my books and got them back on the bookshelves and ready to go.

I spent a whole day at Weisser Park on Thursday in the fourth and fifth grade classrooms. They were doing lessons all week getting a community of learners set up. They asked me to come in and do a Read Aloud/Think Aloud. They all said I was part of their community and they wanted their kiddos to know me, too. I read either: Have You Filled a Bucket Today? or WOLF! It was so much fun being part of those classrooms. They are great kids and fun to share with, too. We ended each session with Quick Writes about what we read. The kiddos were amazing writers already!

On Friday I ran over to Fairfield to deliver packets of ISTEP prep work. I got to peek in on several classes. I met one new teacher and went into a friend's class. She changed from first to fifth grade. She is doing a great job with them. I think it was a wonderful move for her and those kids are so lucky to have her!

So, our year is up and running. I will spend more time in classrooms this week getting to know new teachers, catching up with ones I already knew and sharing with those precious cherubs we get to spend our time with each day!


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