Saturday, August 9, 2008


Since 1996, when Murphy was two years old, he began the job of being a Visiting Dog. He got his CGC (canine good citizen) title and that qualified him to be a Visiting Dog. He has been visiting Golden Years Homestead for the entire time. He has made many friends, both dog-wise and people-wise. He has one lady that always sings: How Much is That Doggie in the Window, to him. There was another lady who kept dog treats in her bedside table, just for him. She said he was her dog and we were just taking care of him for her.

Another thing that Murphy did as a Visiting Dog was to visit my classroom and help kids read. He would sit and let kids read to him all day. He loved the attention, and maybe the stories, too!
He also came to special events, like the annual sleepover for kids who earned enough points in Accelerated Reading. He really loved the attention he got when he came for a visit. As of today, Murphy is officially retired from these jobs. He is having more trouble getting up from sitting positions. He has trouble walking long distances. He decided (along with his parents) that he should finally retire from this job. Now, that doesn't mean that once in a while he won't visit his friends again. But, for now he is retired. As you see in the picture below though, he is always looking for something else to do as he catches up on his reading!!!


Al Manning said...
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Al Manning said...

Murphy has served well. I love seeing all of the pictures of him on your blog. I remember the first day you did your first inservice at Haley. You were so nervous but when you starting talking about Murphy your eyes twinkled and you were at ease. When you visited my first graders for the first time you talked about and drew a sketch of him which I still have. I enjoyed meeting your gentle "best friend". I think of you and Murphy everytime I read Officer Buckle and Gloria. Thanks for sharing your friend with some many children and adults. I am glad that Murphy is getting to just have fun and rest.

The Oberlin Kids said...

Talking about Murphy starting in 1996 really makes me feel old. LOL. He is such a neat dog, you cannot help but love him. Congrats Murphy on your retirement. Nikki Oberlin

ourfamily said...

I have to admit that Murphy has some special parents who love him very much. You two have treated him so well and done so many things with him. He is such a lucky dog to have met so many people, and other animals. He has touched a countless amount of lives, which is something many animals can't say! I am sad to see that he is retired, but also happy to see that he can now relax and enjoy life! Congratulations to Murphy and both of you.