Friday, August 8, 2008


This week we had our Book Club. We met at St. James in Avilla for this fun event. Our assignment this time was to read a book by Gary Paulsen. What we all noticed was how many different ways he writes. It was such an interesting night. Here are three of the books the members shared.This is a book from the viewpoint of the rifle. It takes it from when it was made clear through it's life. What a great way to teach point of view to students. Let them pick an object and write like that object. This is probably a middle school age book.
Another book that was shared is Tucket's Travels. This book again is for 5-8 grades. There is a whole series of Tucket books. As you can tell from the cover, it is a western!

The last book that I will share is Lawn Boy. This looks like such a fun book. It is for 4th - 7th graders. It is all about free market economy and a rags to riches story. When the hero's grandmother gives him a riding lawn mower for his 12th birthday, the adventure begins.

Our next book is by Sherman Alexie. It is called: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. This is the author's first novel for young adults. It chronicles the contemporary adolescence of one unlucky boy trying to rise above the life everyone expects him to live. Why not read along with us!

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