Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday Message: Easter Egg Memories

Dear Friends and Family,
Today when I visited my friend, Sarah’s blog she had a poem about coloring Easter eggs with her two daughters. Along with the poem were several very clear pictures of the eggs. They were beautiful!
Those eggs reminded me of the ones my sister and I would make with our mother. We would start early on the Saturday before Easter. Mom believed in making our creations last, so we would make tiny holes on each end of the egg. By placing our mouths over one side we’d blow and blow and blow. We would then blow water through the egg to clean it out.
Now the fun began. We gathered lace, baby pearls, sequins and sparkles. Our egg die would be ready along with wax crayons. Each of us tried to out do the other with our creative ideas.
After letting them dry and settle in baskets with grass, we would plan the most important part of the day. That is when we would decide where to deliver them. Mom usually had the plan already in mind.
My favorite people to give them to were Alma Diehl and Grandma Hathaway. Alma went to our church and was a very active member. However, at this time of her life she was bed-ridden and very sick. She appreciated our visit even more than the egg basket. Grandma Hathaway lived about her son’s office. She wasn’t our grandma---she was our doctor’s mother. Still going up those stairs and hearing her coo-coo clock made the trip worth it. She always gave us cookies to take home, too.
So, when Sarah said she and her girls were making memories, she probably had no idea just how long those memories may last. To me it wasn’t just the lovely eggs…it was the gift of sharing our mother taught us.
Happy Easter to one and all!

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Sarah Amick said...

So I have to say that I left after reading a little and then came back to read the rest because this memory was just so fresh and real to me! Thank you for making me realize my memories are important too!