Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Break and Memphis

Last week was our Spring Break. We had planned way back on a snowy night in February to go somewhere south...somewhere warm. We searched and came up with a place we had both been wanting to visit: Memphis!

On Saturday morning we boarded the plane in Detroit and headed south. The only thing was--it was raining. All the way into town from the airport the raindrops hit the taxi windows. The cab driver's 8-year old son was riding shotgun with his dad. He was an expert at weather forecasting his proud father told us.

"What's the weather going to be tomorrow?" we asked him.

With big brown eyes, he turned to look at us seriously---"No rain and 70," he remarked. That was fine with us.

However, he will probably make a good forecaster because he was wrong! It was 70, but still raining off and on all day. We didn't let that discourage us. We saw Sun Studio where Elvis recorded his first song and even walked to it. We saw the Civil Rights Museum where 40 years ago Martin Luther King was shot. We ate and ate and ate on Beale Street...places like: B B Kings, Pig on Beale, Elvis Presley's Delta Kitchen, and the Blues City Cafe. We had ribs and huge hamburgers and ice cream. We saw Graceland and the Mississippi River. We took the trolley on the entire route just to see where it went.

Okay, the 8-year old boy was wrong, but we loved Memphis! The people were friendly, the music was loud and the weather WAS warm. AND I'm rooting for Memphis on Monday night!!!

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Annie said...

I remember when you taught 2nd grade and did some great work with the Civil Rights Movement. Ahhh, don't you miss those teaching days at Hamilton?