Friday, March 21, 2008


This poem is taken from a book by Sara Holbrook called Practical Poetry. Since many second grade teachers, as well as other grade levels are doing poetry now, I thought this would be appropriate. I will give directions from Sara as to how to do this type of poetry after the poem. This is a poem for two voices.

It's not fair, my boy could die.
I need your son to go to war.
I don't know when he's going to be safe.
But he has to go for his country.
He may never come home to me again.
But he will die with honor.
Honor or no honor. I don't want him to go.
He will have to go anyway.
Think twice before sending people to die with "honor".
by Letycya and Curina, Grade 8

Type of poetry: It's Not Fair!
  • Pass out cards and have students complete the sentence, It's not fair that___________
  • Post cards around the room.
  • Have kids in pairs "shop" for a topic of interest to both of them.
  • After they have picked a topic, have each pair rip a single sheet of paper in half lengthwise, each taking half.
  • Ask each member of the team to choose a point of view.
  • Have them work independently and make a list of arguments defending their point of view.
  • Have the two students read poems for two voices aloud to the class.
  • Discuss the poem.
  • Ask the student pairs to go back to their lists, to put the paper they divided back together. Ask them to compare and contrast the lists.
  • Ask kids to put their poems together then to create a poem for two voices.
  • Present the poems fr two voices to the rest of the class.

This comes from Sara' book: Practical Poetry and chapter 5---Social Studies and Poetry. Give you any ideas!

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