Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Teaching Passion

I got a meme from Jen. The meme was to post a picture that shows your passion for teaching. Now to look at the one I posted you might think: But wait a minute those aren't kids. You would be right. However, my passion has become the teachers I work with. When I see these amazing people get excited about helping their kiddos become better readers and writers and then let me come into their rooms to work right along side them, that is my passion! I am so proud of ALL the fellow teachers I work along side. They are all making this journey at their own speed, but they are making the journey. They love those babies and they show it by their dedication and enthusiasm. So, here is a picture of a group that shows my passion!

I am going to meme Annie's Attic. You are to post a picture of something that shows your passion in teaching!


Jen Barney said...


Kirsten said...

love it...thanks! i so enjoy learning from you. you are a wealth of information!

Anonymous said...

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