Thursday, March 20, 2008

SCHEMA: map of where you've been

That is the definition of schema from a first grader. That is one lesson I learned tonight at Haley's Meet and Greet. Eight teachers took the time, after a busy day full of children just itching to get out for a long weekend, to share with each other. These teachers came from two different schools to gather for a few minutes...well, over an tell about exciting things that had been working for them.

They shared books, lessons, games, and stories...lots of stories. Did I say there was food? Oh, yes, teachers love food! Jen started with some books she loved. Then Angie shared some poetry ideas, Karen had an amazing center idea and Sarah shared the reading journal that held the quote about schema! Did I say there were two principals there, too? Did I say none of them got paid? Did I say it was the day before a three-day vacation?

After a full day of scanning Acuity tests and feeling stressed to the max, I got to sit back and watch and listen to these fantastic educators share. Again, I just have to say I am truly blessed to be able to work along side these people who so obviously love their cherubs!


Jen Barney said...

Love this!

Sarah Amick said...

I think what I love about Meet N Greet is that we have been able to leave it virtually untouched by admin. Keeping that has helped teachers feel like they have something meaningful to share.

Kathy said...

AND BOY DO THEY HAVE SOMETHING MEANINGFUL TO SHARE!!! Let's hear it for powerful teachers!!!