Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Summer Goals

I have been tagged by my friend Jen to make a list of goals I have for the summer. What a good way to get me motivated! Here goes:
  1. Read, Read, Read anything and everything.
  2. Go to the All Write Summer Institute and hear loads of authors, share with friends and have a blast!
  3. Start running again so I can finish the Peachtree 10K on July 4th in Atlanta with 55,000 other runners.
  4. Walk four miles a day with Sarah L. and catch up on all the town's gossip. She knows everything!
  5. Get through two of our kid's weddings which are only one week apart.
  6. Start lifting weights again so I can wear the dresses I bought for the weddings and not have flabby arms.
  7. Write in my writers notebook and readers notebook.
  8. Blog, blog and blog!


Jen Barney said...

GOOD LUCK!!! I am so excited that you are running in a marathon! YOU GO GIRL!

Sarah Amick said...

I will be walking with you in the evenings. Wow, you are busy!
Hey, I posted a question to Ruth about Reader's Workshop (SSC, my new acronym). Would you look at it and see what you thin? I am reading Reading with Meaning and have a literacy framework schedule but I am still battling the guided reading.
See what you think.