Friday, June 15, 2007

An Old Dog

An Old Dog
by Murphy Douglas
My days of romping are getting shorter.
I seem to be sleeping more these days.
Still new friends,
Old friends,
Or friendly people
Inspire me to
And try to jump to give them a kiss.
Time is now spent
Dreaming of catching that rabbit,
Instead of running to try to catch it.
My greatest pleasures are:
To follow my master,
To walk in tall weeds,
To roll in fresh cut grass
And to gobble any kind of treat available.
I'm an old dog,
But a loved dog!
Murphy will be 11 years old next month. He has been a Visiting Dog since he was two. He has his Canine Good Citizen title as well as his CD title. He loves to meet people and play with his girlfriend, Lucy. Murphy is loved by all the children in the neighborhood and loves them right back!


Sarah Amick said...

My first dog lived to be 16 years old. He was loved and he ended up being deaf and blind when he died. We loved him dearly. I know Murphy means so much to you. Dogs are like the tender side of us, don't you think?

Jen Barney said...

I love my girls... I still can remember my first dog- Sparky. He was wonderful and my best friend. They make the world not so bad!

Write On Kathy said...

Gary Paulsen wrote a book called: My Life In Dog Years. I always thought I should do that. You, too, Sarah!