Friday, June 8, 2007


My friend, Ruth, told me about Poetry Friday. I like the idea of once a week being forced into thinking in that genre. It doesn't matter if it is one you created or one you love...just so it is poetry. I have been wanting to get back to writing some poetry, so this seemed like the perfect excuse. I am not as good as my friend, Sarah, but I am willing to give it a try.

An Ode To Ingrid
Upon your leaving our midst
For loftier goals that you aspire
I find myself reflecting on our time together.

Ingrid: just the name alone
Causes one to visualize
A tall, striking, blond girl.
One full of life,
And beauty.
Upon meeting you,
One finds all those things to be true.

Your rich vocabulary,
Your knowledge of many languages
All bring forth a depth
Unlike any other.

Always searching for more knowledge,
For the latest research,
For new wisdom,
What inspiration to those around you.

Ah, yes, you now leave us
To seek higher aspirations,
But your spirit,
Your laugh,
Your memories,
Will linger long after you have parted.

Farewell, for only a short time,
For we will be following you with
Our Best Wishes!

By Students:

Today is a weird weather day
It's cold,
but warm.
Today is a weird weather day.
It will be
Sunny, and
Today is a weird weather day.
The sky is
Dark and bright.
Today is definitely a weird weather day.
Today I'm as mixed up
As the weather.

It was Saturday morning.
The pond smelled like morning fog.
My dad said we were going home
In five minutes.
It was my last cast.

The fog was so thick
You could cut it with a knife.
I wouldn't be able to see
What I caught.

I cast out.
I couldn't tell if
I cast 3 feet or 3 yards.
Something tugged on my pole
Like there was no tomorrow.

I reeled in.
Took out the flashlight.
It was a
Of seaweed!



Sarah Amick said...

Oh, but you forgot the naturalist that is Ingrid. Perhaps you can swing something that rhymes with granola! Love the poem though Kathy, you did great. Did it flow or did you just have to hack away at it? I find that I will decide what has inspired the poem (a person, phrase, a noun, emotion, etc.) and then I do a brainstorm of all things about it and then I write the poem.
Great poetry though!

Write On Kathy said...

I was thinking of Ingrid because of our last day together. She is such a deep thinker that an ode just seemed appropriate. When I looked up the definition of an ode, it said something like "lofty feeling". The poem actually flowed last night right before bed. Most my creative stuff comes then for some reason! I thought aboutthe naturalist thing...but that's yours, not mine.

Al Manning said...

Kathy, is there anything you can't do? Your ode to Ingrid was beautiful. I have heard you speak of Ingrid often. I have only met her once briefly. After reading your ode I feel as if I have a glimpse of her persona. Thanks for sharing your friend Ingrid with us.

Jen Barney said...


Happy Girl said...

Kathy --
So cool that you're writing your own poetry & thatyou are brave enough to post it for the world to see. You inspire me. :)

Ingrid said...

What can I say? How does one thank another for such beautiful words? As I read your ode, I had to silence the self-deprecating manics lurking under my tongue. Will you write my eulogy if I die young?! I can't tell you how much I'm going to miss you and your passion and drive. Maybe we should start a lit circle of our own, or hone in on someone elses...that way we can keep "fire in the belly" going on and on and on and on.... :)

Ingrid said...

Oh, I forgot to mention...since I was so full of myself after reading your Ode...loved the fishing one especially. That was pretty much my life as a fisher girl-less the fog. I quit fishing when no one would take the fish off the hook for me, and after my dad tried to show me how to "clean" a fish. Yeah, what they don't tell you is that you have to end it's life...what kind of a double standard do I have if I can eat a fish that someone else killed, but can't kill one of my own to eat? ;)