Friday, June 29, 2007


Today is Poetry Friday. My first poem is inspired by the book Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran. This was one of the Top Ten Books featured at the Summer Institute. My second poem is taken from the morning walk Murphy and I went on this morning. ENJOY!

My Roxaboxen
by Kathy Douglas
Did you have a Roxaboxen?
A place that was magical?
Mine was in a dirt driveway
Filled with stones, pebbles and dirt.
I'd lay out my house
The rooms,
The doorways,
The closets.
My Roxaboxen.
Do you have a Roxaboxen?
A place that is magical?
Mine is a pond hidden away.
The dirt approach is perfect
Plenty of stones,
Plenty of pebbles,
Plenty imagination.
Here's the front door,
The window overlooking the pond,
The patio stepping into the woods.
My Roxaboxen.
by Kathy Douglas
Large brown placemarkers in rows
Each sitting by a driveway
All facing the same direction.
No fancy calligraphy of names
In silver, blue or gold.
But, with x-ray eyes
You can see identification.
The trash inside tells
Who lives here...
What's important here...
Why do they live this way?


Jen Barney said...

LOVE THE POETRY! My Roxaboxen was my grandmothers backyard..... the place was magical- Filled with beautiful flowers, wonderful vegtables, hidden secrets.
Have a great POETRY FRIDAY!

Jeanne said...

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On a side note I have bookmarked your blog! I will definitely be stopping in again to see what you next write!

Sarah Amick said...

Wonderful poetry Kathy. My Roxaboxen was the woods behind my house. We created a whole world of imagination there. I had a whole lot of fun growing up there.
Also, the indentification poem, my neighborhood has a lot of houses in varying shades of taupe. I want so much to write a poem about them.

Annie said...

Roxaboxen has been one of my favorite books for...well, centuries! I always share it with children before spring break in schools hoping they will build their own! I wanted to share with your readers my other blog site: which I use for different kinds of information. My blog site is my own writing and life journey, but the other is for writers, storytellers, etc. Some of you might enjoy it. I talk about events and books and that kind of thing.
Lou Ann