Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Moments

May 20, 2007
Today was our first day to sit by the pool. Granted, it really isn't ready for swimming yet. We did take the cover off and clean it, somewhat, yesterday. That in itself is a rather amazing accomplishment. We were still cleaning the pool cover at 7:30 last night, along with eating pizza from Pizza Hut.
But, back to today's events. We did get to sit by the pool, read, nap and just enjoy the outdoors. Our favorite thing to do in the summer is to lay on the deck chairs and listen to the birds and hear the water lap beside us. There was no water lapping today, but the birds were in rare form. Their silly spring chirping was loud and clear.
As we packed away our books, Cokes and chair pads to take an evening walk, I had to smile and think: "This is the first day of enjoying the pool and just sitting out here all day." I love doing that and can't wait for Sundays just to relax and be alone by the pool.
Summer can't be far behind, can it?


Jen Barney said...

I am a swimming pool kind of girl myself. Just being in the warm sun by the reflection of the pool is so relaxing! I am ready too.

Sarah Amick said...

My daughter and I commented on the birds early Sunday morning. We then began a great discussion about what birds eat. Ending in a small 4yr old voice saying, "I love berries too!" Ah, the sweet tender moments of 5:30 in the morning. Have a great day!