Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Proud Teacher

Tonight when I got home from school I took Murphy for a quick walk, grabbed the mail and began to read. The newspaper I was reading is the local weekly paper from where I used to teach. I love reading all the latest happenings, gossip and other news.
The information that took my attention this time was pictures of all the seniors graduating in a few days. There were 42 pictured in the paper on the middle pages, crossing the entire spread. Several of them I had never seen before because they were exchange students. However, I counted nine that I squinted and could kind of recognize because they were my former second grade students.
For each one of these students I could still remember bits and pieces of stories that were bouncing around in my memory. I loved reading what their future plans were, where they were heading for college and what they planned on being when they graduated.
This class was one of the fun ones. They were so creative and ready to tackle anything. I remember Jennica's writing. I used one of her pieces to get me into the All Write!!! mentor program years ago. That is why I am where I am today. I don't think I ever told her that. I remember Scott for having a kitten that I eventually adopted. (I still have him. The cat, not Scott.) I remember stories and class trips and crazy things we all did together.
Watching students grow into young adults, finish high school and become worthwhile citizens, is something every teacher wishes for his/her class. I know just looking over those pictures, remembering the past and dreaming of their futures puts hope and inspiration into my life.
Good luck, Hamilton Graduates! May you continue to soar!


Sarah Amick said...

you are so hooked on the blogging thing. I have you bookmarked! Did you see that Mr. Megles has started blogging with his students. Trying to generate interest among fourth graders.!!!!

Jen Barney said...

Kathy- I only hope that one day I can look into the paper and have those memories. How wonderful. They were lucky to have you!