Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Book Club

Have you ever had something fit the minute you tried it on? That's the way I felt last night. No, I didn't get a new dress, new shoes or even new jeans. My fit was a brand new Book Club.
There are five of us--all teachers--all lovers of books. We drove up to the new Starbucks in Auburn clutching notebooks, bags of books and datebooks. As we piled out of cars, the chatter was sporatic.
"How've you been?"
"How have the last days of school been for you?"
"When is your last day?"
After grabbing our favorite drinks from the counter we gathered outside--it was so warm--on couches and chairs with a coffee table in front of us. Then the serious business began. We had so much to decide.
We past books. We looked over handouts of book information. We made lists of possible titles. Finally, we made a book pick, figured out a future meeting date and place, and even made a promise to keep our eyes open for future reads.
As we were winding down we talked about personal plans for the rest of the school year and summer. We all loaded into our cars with new dates in our books, addresses to look up on the web and dreams of the newest read to start. As I pulled out of Starbucks, I felt so intelligent, but also so comfortable knowing that my friends would all be reading the same book and then we could talk!
Now, I can't wait to share the experience of a book club with my fourth grade students at Waynedale. They are starting book clubs and I had told them about mine. They had asked, "Why are we going to do book clubs?" My answer: "Because they are so much fun!"
And they are!!!


Ruth said...

Welcome to the club. :) I've been loving Jen & Sarah's blogs, as well. I've linked them to mine. May I link you too?

Totally love the way you write & am so excited to get bits of Kathy throughout my week.

Enjoy this ride you're on -- like I posted yesterday, blogging has changed me -- for the better!

Happy Writing, Ruth

Sarah Amick said...

Kathy, thank you for mentioning us in your profile. We love that you blog too! You are a tremendous role model for us all.

Write On Kathy said...

Ruth, Your fingerprints are all over Haley Elementary! Thanks for getting us all started on this wonderful passtime. I would love to be linked to your blog! These teachers are fantastic and keep me inspired and excited about teaching.

Ruth said...

Big :) -- thanks Kathy!

Dianthe said...

Good words.