Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Small Teaching Moments Happen Any Time

Teachers play a big part in a child's life.  I know, I was a teacher for 43 years and got to see not only those children grow up, but also see them with their own children and sometimes even grandchildren. I know how important teachers are.  However, even more than that, I always told the parents I worked with: "You are the most important person in your child's life. You are his/her first teacher!" Not only are the parents important, but so are the grandparents.

As I spend time with my own grandchildren, I can see how it is important to take those tiny moments and make them into teaching moments.   We did that at Gramma Preschool last week.  It was a cold February day when Meron came.  For Science we decided to do an experiment. We wrote our thoughts in her Science Notebook. Our question was: What happens to bubbles in the winter?  Her prediction was: They will freeze.  We then went outside and tried it out. It wasn't quite freezing that day, only 34 degrees. So when we blew bubbles, they flew off into the sky. But when she would blow them into the snow, they lit on the snow and froze. When she "popped" them, they would shatter!  We had loads of fun!
We also noticed that across the street, there were big machines digging into the ground. They were going to build a new house.  So, we watched.  We investigated. Then she wrote her book about Big Machines and what they did.  What a great chance to do some research before our writing!

Graham also had a new learning experience at Story Time.  They were learning songs, stories and rhymns about Teddy Bears.  For one of the songs, all the children put their bears in the middle of a parachute. Then they sang and bounced their bears. How fun!
For the craft that day, they all colored a bear with a poem on the back.  After they colored it, they got to take it home!
Being a Gramma is so much fun!!!!

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