Monday, March 18, 2013

Reading Poetry, What Are You Reading?

Today I have two books on poetry that are about as opposite as you can get. I love when that happens!  It is up to each teacher to know the students so well, that it becomes easy to choose books that those children will love and use!  Here are a couple for you to try!
How can you go wrong with Heartsongs by Mattie J.T. Stepanek? This is just one of his many books. Mattie began writing poems when he was three. He had muscular dystrophy and had lost three siblings to the same life-threatening condition. But that isn't why we remember Mattie.  His poetry proclaims the innocent hope, wisdom and humor of childhood. These poems will become heart felt mentor texts for your students.
FEG by Robin Hirsch...This book is for the intelligent child...and maybe the intelligent teacher! From alliteration, haiku, and onomatopoeia to palindromes sonnets, and even spoonerisms this book will have poetry lovers saying, ahhh!  It is such a fun book for those who would like to take poetry to a new level. Ready to try one?  Here you go...hint: read it fast and think alphabet.

Abie's seedy effigy
Eight chide Jake: a lemon
O peek:
You are as tea
You feed double
You axe why

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