Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter From Gramma Preschool

This week at Gramma Preschool we did some fun spring things.  We first of all had reading and read some spring books. Then we worked with words using magnetic letters.
We also made playdough using spring neon colors. When we were done, we had three different colors all put in individual zip lock bags to take home.
For writing this week we did Easter cards. She made one for Mom and one for Dad. She wrote their names on the front and added stamps using ink pads. On the inside she wrote Happy Easter and signed her name!
The last time she was here, she made chocolate instant pudding for her snack. Afterward, she wrote a How to book on How to Make Chocolate Pudding.  She was quite the expert on that!
1. Put in pudding 2. Add 2 cups of milk 3. Stir it up 4. Put in cups 5. Eat it!

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