Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving in the Content Areas!

For last week's Gramma Preschool, Meron fixed a Thanksgiving lunch for her mom, little brother and Grandpa. We planned a menu that she could prepare herself. We spent the whole preschool time problem solving and putting everything together for the big meal. She was so excited.
 Setting the table
She started off by setting up the table. She had a slight problem. There were four chairs at the table, but she needed to serve five people. We worked it out by adding chairs. First, she thought she needed five more chairs, but when we moved that many in, it was too many. She finally came up with only one more needed. Then she had to count each of the things for the place settings.  (math)
Making a menu
She next made her menu.  I wrote the words and she drew the pictures. She also wrote the place cards all by herself: Mom, Bam, Meron, Grandpa, Grandma.(reading & writing)
Making turkey sandwiches
Next, came the cooking. She made the sandwiches by spreading turkey salad on the buns. She also made the salad, by adding celery and cucumber pieces to the salad along with little tomatoes. Now for dessert! (science)
Pumpkin pies
For the pies we used pumpkin instant pudding. We read the directions and then she measured the milk and stirred it together.  We poured it into the little pies. The best part was adding the Cool Whip! She was so proud of her pies! (reading)
Let's eat!
She gave the blessing and we all ate! This is a time Meron will never forget.  Sometimes we forget that little ones can do more than we think!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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