Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All Write Consortium Information

Many of the local school districts are part of the All Write Consortium.  However, perhaps you didn't know that the consortium has a website with lots of information and help for teachers.  The website:  http://www.eastnoble.net/pages/East_Noble_School_Corporation/All-Write 
Even if you are not part of the consortium, you can check out and use the information found there.  It's all about helping kids, after all!

Here are a few things you will find on that page.
  1. Handouts from the speakers at the 2012 Summer Institute.
    1. Ralph Fletcher has handouts from his dinner speach on notebooks
    2. Katie Wood Ray has handouts from her voice lessons for writers
    3. And MANY more!!!!!
  2. Picture Book Read Aloud suggestions
    1. There is a summary for each book
    2. And how to use the book in your classroom
  3. Documents--mini lessons
    1. Narrative writing for K-2 and also 3-6
    2. Informational Writing
      1. All About for K-2
      2. How-to for K-2
      3. Feature Article for 3-6
    3. Persuasive Writing for 3-8
As you have a little spare time during the Thanksgiving Holidays, this might be a chance for you to browse the website to see what is available for you!

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