Thursday, November 15, 2012

Persuasive Essay Sample

Yesterday I blogged about making a list of things that I believed.  I went back to that list and picked out two that I thought would make good essays.  I chose: a) I believe having a dog makes you a better person. and b) I believe you should surround yourself with positive people.  I then asked myself these questions: Why do I believe that? What proof do I have that that is true? Any examples from my life? 

I next made a sort of list.  I wrote down several dogs that I have had over the as a child, one as a high schooler and one as an adult.  What had each dog taught me? What made me better because of them?  I still just listed the actual writing yet.

Then I looked at another option to write about... Why was I better because of positive people? Who were the most influential people in my life? What had they taught me? Again, I just listed people and things that made me a better person because of them. When I was done with these lists, I knew I wanted to do the essay on positive people.  I probably will go back and do the other one, too, but for now I'll do the people.  Here is my draft:

Life is not easy. There are rough spots, sorrows, and bumps in the road. That is why I believe you need positive people in your life to help you along the way and keep your attitude adjusted.  I have been fortunate to have many such people to keep me on the straight and narrow!

I have a friend that has been my friend forever! She liked to say: "We were friends in the womb." That is because we were destined to become friends. Our grandmothers were friends, our mothers were best friends, so naturally we became friends. We had lots in common. We were both Christians. We were both teachers. We both had sons. But what made her extra special was her positive attitude. Even though she battled cancer for over ten years, she was never without a smile and positive words. She had a faith to envy. She knew God was good and all would be fine. I lost her in September this year, but her words to me over the years live on and on..."You are a Princess, your Father is the King." How could I go wrong with a friend like that?

I have a friend that has been with me through the ups and downs of life. We became friends the moment she entered our elementary building and we taught together. Even though we sometimes don't agree, we still respect and care about each other. She was there when I had my son. She was there when I got my divorce. She was there when I got remarried. And she has been there through each small crisis and joy. How could I go wrong with a friend like that?

I have a friend who is older than I am, but seems young. She was first a friend of my mother. After losing my mom, she just seemed to fill a void for me. I love to have our "Porch-time" and just sit on her porch and talk and talk. She also was an educator and we still have the love of learning in common. She is there to tell me when I need to stop and think about what I am doing. She is there to encourage me when I need a nudge to keep going. She has taught me to care for we push those residence of the nursing home back to their rooms. How could I go wrong with a friend like that?

Then there are all those friends who are younger than I am.  They allow me to enter their classrooms and share their students. They share their teaching/coaching  problems with me and allow me to think through possible solutions. They challenge my thinking. They keep me young by challenging me to come up with answers to classroom dilemmas.  How could I go wrong with friends like that?

Life is  not easy. There are bumps in the road. That is why I believe that you need positive people in your life.  With positive people there to support you, how could you go wrong with friends like that?

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