Monday, October 22, 2012

What Are You Reading?

Today I have picked two books that go with the season.  The first one is another Patricia Polacco book. It is one that I just love for this time of year. Since Patricia doesn't live far from my hometown, I have had the chance to visit many of the places she writes about in her books. She also lives in the same hometown as my cousin, so she keeps me updated on things happening there, too.

A picture of the actual Graves house in Union City.
Yes, you can go visit it!!!


Picture from the book

The Graves Family is a great book to read during the Halloween season. It is about a new family that moved into Union City, Michigan. (This is Patricia's hometown.) They have five children and are a little different, well ok, a LOT different. The story has a happy ending and teaches us to accept others even if they are not like us!  It is a funny book with a message.
The next book is about another season...the baseball season! With the World Series coming soon, this is just the right book for a read aloud. The great thing, too, is that it is a nonfiction book filled with facts, numbers and other statistics...but it isn't boring!  It is The Longest Game by Steven Krasner.  It starts off like this...
 "It was a baseball game.
One team won.
One team lost.
 But it was a special baseball game, so special it was even given its own name.
The Longest Game."
The book holds the reader's interest as the game goes on and on. Yes, it is a true story.  There are stats, there are quotes from people involved, there are even artist's sketchings. A new way of looking at nonfiction, informational writing!

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