Friday, October 12, 2012

More Reflections from a Day With Stephanie

  1. Comprehension Strategy Instruction
  2. Active Literacy
  3. Gradual Release of Responsibility
  4. Nonfiction Literacy
Yesterday I shared number one with you: Comprehension Strategy Instruction. Today I will share the rest of my notes for numbers 2, 3, and 4.

Active Literacy classroooms, clipboards top the supply list. They act as portable desks so kids can jot their thoughts and questions to hold their thinking.  There are LOTS of charts that are constructed WITH the kids.

Possible Chart:

                            I Learned                                l           I Wonder           
  On post-its:                                                                        l
Use L for learning;
W or ? for wonderings

Gradual Release of Responsibility

When doing whole group teaching----do 3 - 4 minutes of teacher talk
Then have students turn and talk about what they learned or wonder
THEY do most of the talking...not the teacher
(Person doing most of the talking is doing the most....learning!)

When children do post-it notes, have them use markers NOT pencils. If they cross out...model how to just line it out with ONE line.  You want to be able to SEE their thinking (approximations).

When writing nonfiction books or informational books:
Specialist vs Expert

1. know a lot about the topic
2. love and care about the topic
3. want to know more about the topic

Assessment vs Evaluation:
1. Informs what child can and can't do and progress they are making
2. Informs future instruction
3. Informs OUR instruction

Evaluation:  To Grade Something

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