Thursday, October 11, 2012

Reflection on a Day With Stephanie

As I reflected on my notes from my day with Stephanie Harvey, I tried to imagine how I could share what I learned. I finally came up with repeating some of the things that made me go: "Wow!" or "That's Right!" or "Really?" or "What...I didn't know that!"
Here's my sharing...

Fun is the most direct link to engagement.
Engagement is the most direct link to learning.
So, make learning fun!

That doesn't mean playing games all day, pictures or reading super easy books. It means giving children choices, letting them explore and investigate.

How to scaffold purposeful talk:
  • Teach the art of conversation.
  • Start with "thumbs up" to the chest when they want to talk---NO MORE raised hands!
  • When a bunch of kids just jump in to talk---teach them to take turns.  After one shares they say, "    name  , would you like to share your  [learning, or questions, or wonderings]?"  "Yes, thank you!"
We teach kids to:
  • Be aware of their thinking
  • Think strategically
  • Recognize the power of their thinking
We teach comprehension strategies so kids can acquire and use knowledge.
Turn information into knowledge by thinking about it.

Today's "new knowledge" is tomorrow's background knowledge.   ---Pearson

That's enough for today! I'll share more in another blog. By the way, Stephanie's website is:

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Amy said...

I left the second day (intermediate grades) full of ideas. She was so calming, yet pushed our thinking in many ways. I loved how she kept saying, "This is not in addition to, it is an instead-of kind of thing. Teachers, you have a lot on your plate, take some off if you add some!" What a refreshing idea :)

I took away her thinking on purpose and revised all that I had planned to do in writing the next few days. We were talking about text features, but not in her way. We looked at them, ooohed and ahhhd, and decided what to add to our book that would be cool. Her thinking on PURPOSEFUL use was perfect! I ask them to be purposeful with their craft, this was the same idea in nonfiction. And the kids are loving it! :) Their text features are beautiful and precise and the page layout is amazing. I loved her too!