Thursday, May 21, 2009

What a beautiful day! I chose this day to catch up on things that just don't get done on a busy weekend. I started off having breakfast at a local restaurant with my ol' buddy, Marsha. We just never seem to get caught up. It was the perfect way to start off a "personal" day.

After running a few errands and answering school e-mails, I got busy with the flowers. The flower beds are not dug up enough to plant those flowers, so they will have to stay in their crates a little while longer. The pots, though, could be planted. I go crazy with those things. I have five around the pool, five on the deck and two out in front on the porch. It took all afternoon to decide which flowers I wanted where. Yes, I did have my list with all that information on it. The problem was: I just couldn't find my list. So, I winged it. They look great!

Another problem was the old Murphy dog. He usually loves to be wherever I am. Today was no different. However, he IS old and he does NOT like the heat. So, what he did was watch me with those mournful eyes as I walked out the door. Then as I was deep in dirt I would hear from inside: "Boof!" "Boof, Boof!" I would wipe off the dirt, take off the garden gloves and mosey inside. There he would be in the middle of the living room just looking at me. That happened over and over until he finally took his afternoon nap. I guess if he didn't want to be outside, he didn't want me out there either.

I DID get the flower pots all planted and they look great. Now if I can just get my legs to stop hurting from all the stooping AND get my nails to look clean!

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