Sunday, May 31, 2009


There are only three days left of school this year. Students are packing up their things and so are the teachers. Plans for summer vacations are on everyone's mind. There will be tests, parties and awards. The time will speed by and the long, lazy days will be upon us.

Yes, even teachers are excited about the idea of sleeping in for a few extra hours each day. I will be visiting some of the classrooms where I have spend much of my time mentoring the teachers. I will miss those fifth graders who will be moving on to middle school. I have told many of those teachers that I feel like those kiddos are mine, too. They have been kind enough to share the students with me.

The thing I am dreading this year though is the restructuring of our office. The eight of us have become very close. I have worked with some of them for four years in the tiny suite we call home. We have worked on projects which have become the teachers' bible when it comes to writing. We have written maps of curriculum for language arts that drive all the instruction throughout the district. We have met famous authors and had our picture taken with most of them for our "Wall of Fame".

How to you just pack up and move on after all that? We pledge to stay close and keep in contact. And, I know we will. But still, it will never really be the same. Some of us will be back downtown in one way or another. Still more of us will continue to be coaches, just in various forms. Any time something changes, it is hard. I know we will all move on to a different journey. Some will continue to be close while working on projects together. No matter what though, we will always be glad our paths crossed and we had this time together.

AND we will always be the sweet "suite" girls!!!

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