Sunday, May 24, 2009


This was the weekend for planting flowers. The weather was cooperating and we had the flowers ready to go. I had already done the pots for the side of the pool and for the deck. Now it was time to do the bedding flowers. That is the tough part.
The Big D did the turning up of the dirt to get it ready for me. Then I began. There were five rows in the bed between the windows. Those were for the marigolds and the Zenia's. I did three rows of Zenia's and two rows of marigolds. They looked great and I only felt a little sore.
The next job was the two beds below the deck. That was an up and down procedure. It took about four hours to do the whole thing. When the day was done, I jumped in the shower, ordered a pizza and collapsed. By late Saturday night, I could barely move. I took two aspirin and climbed into bed. At least the flowers are planted. I am ready for summer!!!

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