Thursday, October 30, 2008


1. This is the year for my PGP. That means: Professional Growth Plan. I am fortunate enough to have three other facilitators doing their PGPs, too. Therefore, we are teaming on our project. We have decided to do something for which teachers have been asking. That is to write lesson plans to go with Units of Study in certain genres. I will be tackling this year: Response to Literature for second grade and Feature Articles for third grade. This will take the whole year, but what a wonderful tool for teachers when we all get done.

2. Another thing I worked on today was the Quarter two writing in-service for 4th and 5th grades. My friend and co-worker and I are presenting this next Monday. We will be spending half the time on feature articles and the other half on poetry. The teachers who will be attending are going to come away with lessons to do a whole unit of study on each genre. We had a fun day preparing for this.

3. I spent the evening at the office. Our district is having Parent-Teacher conferences today and tonight. The teachers stayed until 8:00 and then will go home at noon tomorrow. We are doing the same. It was strange to be in our big office building down town with no others on our floor. We never knew how quiet it could be. Strange on the night before Halloween!!


Sarah Amick said...

I am so sorry that I didn't catch base with you on Tuesday. I did conferences before and after school all week. I had a great turnout but it was hard on me. I hope you got to learn and play with the palm a little bit. Got questions?

Kathy said...

ALWAYS! No, really, what I need is time to practice, practice, practice. May bug you on Monday when I get a break (6 classes) to use yours and just practice with it!